Static Security Officers


Static Security Services Dubai

Usually, when we think of the term static security, the image that pops in the mind is security guards stationed at the gate. However, the static security officer provided by Black Horse Security is anything but static. The officer is always vigilant and ensures that the premise is secured all the way through.

Protect you Complex with the best static security services

All our Dubai based security guards are trained to be proactive and detect lapse in security even from the slightest indication. The officers provided by the company to its clients in Dubai are all polite, attentive, and respectful. They are trained with the latest state-of-the-art technology and operate in a coordinated manner. Something you can only expect from the best static security guards in the UAE.

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World-class Static Security Guards in Dubai

Black Horse Security is the leading security services company in Dubai. Over the past decade, the company has been providing world-class static security guards to companies in Dubai. When you hire our services, rest assured you do not have to worry about security lapses. Our highly trained personnel are adept at handling any security event. We also provide other services such as bouncers for VIP and event security.

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