Security Services Dubai Internet City

Security Services Dubai Internet City

Security has become of prime importance for all types of establishments like school, hotel, hospital, workplaces, and events in Dubai Internet City (DIC). The case of security threats has increased significantly in different parts of the world, including countries like Dubai.

This makes it very crucial to take all the necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of people. Hiring a security service company or agency can be very beneficial in this regard. These companies assign teams of professionally trained guards and officers to serve the customers against possible risks.

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Complete Security Services for Home and Business

Many security agencies like Black Horse Security Service provide agents who set up control rooms for surveillance purposes. We make sure that no activity on the premises goes unnoticed by our guards.

A control room is the central surveillance space where live video streams can be accessed from different segments of the area under security. Our control room guards work in perfect coordination throughout the day to ensure the security and safety of our customers at all times.

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Security Services DIC

Security Company DIC

Protect your business or property

There is a requirement for such control rooms in big offices and housing societies where a large number of people work or live. In such large establishments, it’s not possible to get perfect coordination with just physically posted officers, and the need for video surveillance arises.

Living in a large building or working in a vast office makes it very difficult to track the movement of every person that visits the premises. Control room security is an additional service to the traditionally appointed group of security guards at different parts of the building. The control room agents coordinate with the posted guards to keep them updated on all activities. This increases the efficiency of security and safety provisions set up by the customer.

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A security company you can trust

We, at Black Horse Security, bring to our customers a group of well-trained professionals who have gone through rigorous fitness and defence training. Our security services in areas of Dubai, like the Dubai Internet City (DIC), have gained a lot of customer satisfaction. This support is because of the world-class team of guards, officers, and bouncers that we appoint for our customers’ safety.

Our goal is to ensure a sense of security and for all our customers. Our customer feedback reflects a lot of improvement in the services we offer since the inception of our company.

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