What are types of security?

We realize the importance of security guards in terms of security crises and when there is a need to deter security threats at our business and home. Security personnel or guards are professionally trained to deter crimes, threats, and vandalism at all places. However, not all security guards are equal. You will be surprised to learn that there is a large plethora of security guard services in the market with different purposes.

Selecting the right security guard for your requirement might seem intimidating but is very much needed. The first step to choosing the best security guards for yourself is by learning the various options you have.

Security Guards and Their Different Types To Know

The demand for security services is increasing with each passing day, owing to the rise in crimes around the world. Here are some of the different types of security that you should know about.

Patrolling Guards to Look out for Threats and Crimes During Scheduled Times

The patrolling guards are dedicated security personnel who are trained to guard properties and residential buildings both during the day and at night. The patrolling guards take a tour of the respective area on dedicated vehicles to look out for suspicious activities and chances of threats or attacks. The patrolling guards aren’t present all the time but perform their patrolling guard services during scheduled times and when called for an emergency.

Event Security Guards or Bouncers to Deter Vandalism and Trespassing

Event security guards are one of the most popular services provided by a security company. The event security guards are also widely known for their optimum visibility. The event security personnel are mostly assigned to keep the crowd under control and prevent vandalism at important shows and events hosted by organizers. The bouncers for events can also protect VIP guests.

Additionally, the event security guards can also maintain order at heavily-crowded events and concerts or even at professional conferences. They are responsible for scanning the attendees before letting them into the venue and ensuring they have the permit to go inside. They also check if the attendees are getting inside with any forbidden things.

Hotel Security Guards to Prevent Risks and Ensure Safety for Guests and Hotel Staff

The hotel security guards are certified individuals who prevent trespassing into the hotel property besides ensuring complete protection from vandalism, security threats and attacks on hotel employees, guests and hotel owners. They can even take care of the company premises by performing CCTV surveillance.

The hotel security officers are also trained to maintain effective communication and respond to emergency calls while maintaining law and order inside the premises. Additionally, the security guards are responsible for the overall hotel’s security.

Hospital Security Guards to Ensure Safety of the Hospitals

The hospital security guards can ensure complete safety and protection for the hospital premise and its staff and patients through their services. The hospital security officers undergo training before taking up their job.

While the duties and responsibilities of a hospital security officer will vary from one hospital to another, the common ones include enforcing security measures and preventing various security threats like the abduction of newborn babies from maternity wards, drug peddling, entering the premise with weapons, etc.

School Security Officers to Maintain Law and Order inside School Buildings/Premises

The school security officers are usually assigned to keep the school staff and its students safe. The security officers maintain peace and harmony inside the school premises. They keep a strict check on who enters the school building and who leaves. Besides, they can also ensure strict patrolling both inside and outside the school to stay informed of potential problems.

Lifeguards to Ensure Protection at Swimming Pools and Water Bodies

The lifeguards are one such security guards that are always equipped and looking out for threats at water bodies. They ensure the swimming pool is out of danger from threats, and drunken individuals.

They are mostly assigned to deter water-related concerns like drowning and other such accidents inside the water. Lifeguards are trained swimmers who can save lives by analysing risk around the area and inspecting the location every time to deter security threats.

Security company like Black Horse Security and Cleaning Services offers a vast range of security services to keep your residential or business location safe. A professional security organization evaluates your location and security requirements to provide the right type of security guard.