LifeGuard & Security Guard Services Dubai


You can come across many companies in the UAE that offers security services for several occasions. However, getting reliable, reputed, and experienced guarding officers according to one’s requirement is not an easy task.

But do not worry anymore about getting the best guard for your building or other purposes. That is because we, at Black Horse Security, provide you with the best security services and lifeguards at affordable prices.

Security Guard Companies in Dubai

We provide bouncers, lifeguard services, static security officers, property guards, and services about security control rooms. Apart from high-end parties and professionals, we also offer security services to other events and official purposes.

Security personnel is a guarding officer who is responsible for protecting people in a particular region. Our lifeguard and security guards are responsible for safeguarding the assigned premises from any unlawful activities like theft or robbery. Such security staff often act as a deterrent for burglars and other housebreakers. They also report such illegal activities around their area to the police for further investigation.

Since the guards are responsible for the safety of the people, we make sure to recruit only the best ones. Our team consists of experienced lifeguard and security guards that can offer top-notch services.


Black Horse Security is the top security guard services company among several companies in Dubai. We provide excellent security and cleaning services in UAE with an aim for helping our esteemed customers.

We have a long list of trusted customers whose safety is our priority. That is the sole reason we have designed special programs to train the professionals working in this company. We provide officers who ensure your total safety, and they are incredibly polite and respectful. We have all the contact details and services listed on our website. You can also refer to the website for more information regarding our lifeguard, Private security guard, Guarding services, etc.