Control Room Operations


Control Room Operator Dubai

The control room is at the heart of the security of your company, research center, or any other complex. It is used to monitor all the activities in your complex. Therefore, it is necessary that skilled personnel who understand the technology and are dedicated to work manage the operations. An ideal control room operator is always vigilant and honest towards work. He has a clean personal record and does not engage themselves in dubious activities. This ensures that no one can blackmail the operator from compromising the operations

Security Control Room Operations

Black Horse Security Dubai conducts regular background checks for its control room operators and hires the best and the most honest people for the job. We understand the importance of control room operations and provide adept personnel to our clients in Dubai, UAE. Back Horse Security is a trusted name in Dubai when we talk of security. The company offers a wide range of services that includes but is not limited to static security and bouncers for VIP and event security. We genuinely care for your protection. Apart from services, we also provide pest control services to companies in Dubai.

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